Innovative sustainable Fabrics
Suitable for Fashion & UPHOLSTERY

REMEANT is a well-designed textile
made from recycled plastic

Be a part of the solution for a cleaner enviorment and ethical fashion

Through cutting-edge technology, REMEANT has produced the first-ever solution for reusing plastic waste.

REMEANT provides a second chance and allows the wasted material to be useful again.
Instead of being thrown away, piling up or burning in landfills, or polluting the oceans, into a beautiful, pleasant to the touch textile
for a wide range of high quality products and sustainable fashion.

Why to use our fabrics?

This eco friendly fabric is waterproof, washable, highly durable and lightweight. It can be used to produce sustainable fashion, including vegan bags, shoes, accessories, vegan clothing, home decor including pillows, furnitures.

In what we are different??

We are the first company to find a way to upcycle packaging waste, which until now has simply been left
to decompose over thousands of years, causing terrible damage to the environment

upcycled BUBBLE WRAP FABRICS collection

UPCYCLED packaging fabrics COLLECTION

upcycled aluminum FABRICS COLLECTION

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