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We are the first company who developed a revolutionary proprietary solution that upcycles single-use packaging​​, which until now has simply been left to decompose over thousands of years, causing terrible damage to the environment.

We are the only company that is creating fabrics & products out of unused material and breathing new life into them. These materials exist in such great numbers, that if materials such as bubble wrap were never produced again, there would still be enough packaging material to upcycle into sustainable clothing for many years to come. 

We have more plans for upcycling and protecting the planet and we need your help as partners in this process, so that we can make our ideas a reality.

what's next?

We have tons of groundbreaking ideas just waiting to disrupt the market

We Need Your Help!

Your investment will allow us to develop REMEANT internationally. You can be part of a revolutionary process which will change the way we look at packaging, sustainable clothing and design forever.
Be a part of the solution for a cleaner environment and more ethical fashion!

We Need Your Support

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