A New. Better. Proprietary. recycled textile

Sustainable Fashion from Converted Textile

REMEANT is a beautiful eco friendly textile created from upcycled plastic used in packaging materials. 
Through cutting-edge technology, REMEANT has produced the first-ever solution for reusing plastic waste and even won recognizion and funding for that.
REMEANT provides a second chance and allows the wasted material to be useful again.
Instead of being thrown away, piling up or burning in landfills, or polluting the oceans, into a beautiful, pleasant to the touch textile for sustainable fashion.

The eco friendly fabric is waterproof, washable, highly durable and lightweight. It can be used to produce sustainable fashion, including vegan bags, shoes, accessories, vegan clothing, home decor
including pillows, furnitures.

Ethical Fashion from Converted Textile

Help us make this change!

Instead of encouraging fast fashion and using one-off products which harm the environment, move forward to sustainable materials and products that are made of reused plastic and existing materials rather than discarding them.

We will keep utilizing and up-cycling waste and create sustainable materials out of it for a new better future and better purposes.

million tons of plastic waste produced each year
million tons of LDPE are produced each year
0 %
of plastic waste that is never recycled
and more years for plastic to degrate
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