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REMEANT is the first and only company who have developed a revolutionary proprietary technology that enables the recycling of different kinds of non-recycled and unconventional single-use plastics, eliminates them from the waste stream and turns them into the next innovation in fashion. REMEANT creates high quality, colorful raw materials for fashion and design with the most amazing variety of shades, magnificent colors and textures for endless new markets.

It has taken over 4 years to develop REMEANT. We are constantly introducing new materials. The Innovation Authority and the Shenkar Design Institute invested in Remeant technology and we have many more groundbreaking ideas just waiting to erupt  the market!

Join us! Your investment will allow us to develop REMEANT internationally. You can be part of a revolutionary process which will change the way we look at packaging, sustainable products and designs forever.

patented Technology
innovative materials from non-recycled materials
worldwide waste solution
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Elinor Nathaniel


Elinor Nathaniel
earned her degree in textiles from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, one of the top design academies worldwide. With over 4 years of experience as a product designer, printing designer, handbag designer and styling.

Alon Nathaniel


Alon Nathaniel
earned his MBA degree from Ono Academic College
and has extensive experience in finance and international marketing. 

Join us to the reshape the future of fashion

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