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REMEANT introduces you to the innovative textile materials that combines the world of fashion & design with our passion for environmental care. REMEANT® is a fascinating material made from unique plastic waste. With our patented technology (took us more than four years to develop), those plastics transformed into colorful, waterproof and highly durable textiles. Each textile is one-of-a-kind and original. The Innovation Authority and the Shenkar Design Institute invested in REMEANT technology. Our vision is to create a world in which any non-organic waste can be reused. We believe that consumers and designer awareness can drastically reduce waste. New materials are the engine to our growth, with them we create valuable and fascinating fashion. We strive to make a difference. Join us. 

REMEANT creates high-quality, colorful raw materials for fashion and design with a magnificent variety of shades, colors, and textures, all made from special recycled materials where the origin mainly comes from packaging. 


Elinor and Alon Nathaniel are the husband-and-wife team who founded REMEANT.
They love to travel, spend time hiking in nature and discovering breathtaking landscapes. On many of their hikes, they were saddened to see litter lying discarded on the ground. . To ensure a better future for them and their growing family, they became dedicated to upcycling disposable mass-produced waste which is one of the leading causes of  damage to the environment.
Elinor Nathaniel (CEO) earned her degree in textiles from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, one of the top design academies worldwide. Elinor always knew that she wanted to find a way to use her talents to find a way to help reduce damage to the environmental. With creative and unconventional thinking, Elinor came up with the perfect solution – upcycling unusable materials into textiles that can be used in sustainable vegan clothing, shoes, bags, home decor and interiors, accessories and more.
Elinor’s plan for sustainable fashion has been recognized and funded by Israel Innovation Authority and the ACT Shenkar Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Elinor has teamed up with her husband, Alon Nathaniel (CTO) and together they have utilized their training, skills and experience to research the feasibility of implementing this technology in regions around the world and to put together a team who create innovative ethical fashion.

The Founders

Elinor Nathaniel


Elinor Nathaniel earned her degree in textiles from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, one of the top design academies worldwide. With over 4 years of experience as a product designer, printing designer, handbag designer and styling.

Alon Nathaniel


Alon Nathaniel earned his MBA degree from Ono Academic College and has extensive experience in finance and international marketing. 

Our clients

Our customers are leading fashion and design brands, innovative companies, start-ups, high-tech companies and designers looking for new materials, strong and water resistant fabrics, leather substitutes and vegan fashion.

We also market to consumers who support vegan fashion and are looking for innovative products. people who want to feel good about what they are wearing, both from an ethical fashion and an ethical lifestyle.

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